Tsubame Shiratori
Kanji 白鳥 乙鳥
Romaji Shiratori Tsubame
Age 15
Gender Female
Professional Status
School Ouka High School
Team Ouka High Kendo Club
Weapons Katana
Manga Debut Strike 1: Hero

Tsubame Shiratori (白鳥ツバメ Shiratori Tsubame) is an student at the Ouka High School and member of the Ouka Kendo Club. She is also the first person ever to ask Kurogane to join the Kendo Club.


She has blue eyes, black hair and always wears a pink hairnet on top of her hair. She wears the school uniform, and she also wears a pink bow-tie. While at Kendo club, she wears a hakama.


Tsubame is a nice caring person that cares for her club and also for Kurogane, she even willingly submitted herself to bullies in order to obtain the kendo club funds that they took from her. She is also shown to easily trust and like people and she claimed Kurogane to be a nice person because he picked her eraser for her. She is shown to be a bit clumsy.

Plot OverviewEdit

Successor ArcEdit

Tsubame was first seen along with the other second years of the Kendo Club trying to recruit more members. When she sees Kurogane, she asks him to join the club, claiming Kurogane is a nice person. Even though Kurogane tells her that he is no good at sports and Kakei refuses to take amateurs, she still convinces Kurogane to take the bamboo sword along with him, saying it will be good for him to improve his fragile body. She tells him the story of Sayuri Tōjō and tells him that it would be good for him to keep a sword if he is attacked. Tsubame go's to buy a list of things needed for the club.

Practice Match ArcEdit

Tsubame is in the Kendo Club's changing and equipment room when Kurogane comes in, looking for her. Tsubame is extremely surprised. Sayuri praises Tsubame's body, subsequently leading in her slapping Kurogane. Tsubame counts how many times her clubmates get hit in Hanging Bamboo Hell. Tsuabme and Kinoko are surprised about Kakei trying to get Kurogane hurt. After Kurogane finishes she records him how having a score of 0 hits.



Hiroto KuroganeEdit

Tsubame is shown to be good friends with Kurogane as well as she is extremely fond of him after he picks up her eraser and later saves her from delinquents. It is not know whether Tsubame may have romantic feelings for Kurogane but she is shown to get envious of Kurogane and Shidou's friendly rivalry. Tsubame is also shown to be very fond of Kurogane and even brags of his achievements. It is shown that she holds Kurogane's perspective of her very important and is easily fluttered when he praises her. It is later on shown that she loves Kurogane, when she confesses to him.


  • Her name "Tsubame" means "Swallow" in Japanese and "Shiratori" means "Swan" in Japanese.