Tooru Suzumori
Character Information
Kanji 徹珠洲森
Personal Information
Gender Male
Age 15
Professional Information
School Rakuyou High School
Team Rakuyou High Kendo Club
Status Active
Weapons Shinai
Debut Chapter 12
The Pre-Game Battle

Tooru Suzumori is a member of the Rakuyou High Kendo Club.


Tooru is shown to have a polite appearance on his face all the time. He is bald and has same height as Bashou Haizaki.


Tooru is generally the most quiet one out of the three fighters for Rakuyou High. He quietly follows the other 2 and rarely talks when asked to.

Plot OverviewEdit

Practice Match ArcEdit

Tooru is seen with other 2 regulars for first time when he arrives at Hakurei High for practice match. He is mostly quiet while the other 2 do all the talking. He was later seen when betting on the how Hakurei High Kendo Club members will win the matches.

Techniques & AbilitiesEdit