Strike 2
Chapter 2
Title Shidou
Kanji 志度
Rōmaji Shido^
Arc =
Strike 1
Strike 3

Shidou is Strike 2 of Kurogane.

Characters In Order Of AppearanceEdit

  1. Hiroto Kurogane
  2. Sayuri Toujou
  3. Shidou Hazakura
  4. Tsubame Shiratori

Characters IntroducedEdit

  1. Shidou Hazakura


It has been two days since Kurogane has defeated the thugs attacked Tsubame and the first meeting between him and Sayuri. When Hiroto and Sayuri knock over a mysterious boy with a Shinai on their way to school. He helps Kurogane pick up everything he dropped when they fell. Tsubame wants Kurogane to join the Kendo Club. Kurogane wants to see him again to return something extra he gave him. He hears girls talking about how good looking Shidou Hazakura, the mysterious boy, is. They look out into the schoolyard and see him siting quietly under a tree. A karate club members comes up to him telling him its a waste for him if he joins the Kendo Club, and that if he joins the Karate Club he'll be a regular. He says to stop playing with wooden sticks. Shidou feels assaulted. Shidou attacks him but doesn't tough him. Sayuri coaxes Shidou into fighting Kurogane, but with Kurogane's eyes, dodges Shidou's attacks. Kurogane wins the encounter but falls making it look like he lost to everyone around. Kurogane and Shidou exchange names, and and Shidou says he wants to fight again. Back in class, Kurogane tells Tsubame what happened. Tsubame says how good he is in kendo, how he's never lost; and how no one's ever scored against him. Plus, how he got an recommendation to Rakuyou. Sayuri deduces that he must have an injury how how he never used his left arm. Shidou is at the Infirmary and the nurse says how he lost his recommendation because of his injury. He's contemplating his battle with Kurogane and how if he would have took one more step he would've been struck down. Hiroto then receives a challenge letter from Shidou.


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