Kanji 猿飛 優
Romaji Sarutobi Masaru
Age 16
Gender Male
Professional Status
School Ouka High School
Team Ouka High Kendo Club
Status Active
Weapons Shinai
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Sarutobi is a member of the Ouka High Kendo Club and was most probably a regular with other 4 members, before the arrival of Shidou and Kurogane.


Sarutobi has a bit chubby appearance and is usually seen wearing glasses.


He is an average swordsman and thus is greatly amazed by strong fighters like Hazakura.

Plot OverviewEdit

Sakura One-Strike Style ArcEdit

Practice Match ArcEdit

Techniques & AbilitiesEdit

Sarutobi is an average swordsman with low level of skill. He was afraid of doing Hanging Bamboo Hell and later on got hit 31 times while less than 20 hits was considered a minimum.