Sakura One-Strike Style (桜一刀流 Sakura Ichitō Ryū) is a powerful technique used 150 years ago in the era Edo. It was created by women with inferior strength. The technique is a balancing power to manipulate the opponent's strength meant to not to wave with the sword or to use power of speed but take advantage of the opponents movements. It has been showed in two ways, to shift the direction of power or to manipulate the balance of it's opponent. The technique has been burned during a fire in the dōjō in Edo, until now, Sayuri is the only person known able of the technique.


Early Summer Rain

Early Summer Rain

  • Early Summer Rain (五月雨 Samidare): It's the first attack from Sakura One-Strike Style. It's technique in which one places his sword to wherehis opponent will move. It's a simple thrust technique and attack straight at opponents throat.

  • Early Summer Rain: Eyebrow Moon (五月雨 眉の月 Samidare: Mayutsuki): It changes direction from the regular Samidare. Use your remaining strength to shift your arm. Use the strength to twist the wrist and go for the throat.

Eyebrow Moon

  • Heat Haze: has the same begining stance as Early Summer Rain, when the opponent tries to counter, the technique is unleshed. basically a counter within a counter. 

Heat Haze

  • Hibana: has the same stance of Early Summer Rain and Heat Haze. It's a charge-in technique which aiming for opponent head.



  • Shiranui: Takes the strike of the shinai with the shoulder and counter attacks
  • Shimai no tachi - Utsumei: The "lost" technique of the Sakura style. Similar to "men kiriotoshi men", but it brushes the opponents sword aside before the opponent can use their strength to drive down the sword
  • Itedzuru: Unknown technique mentioned by Toujou
  • Kamina: Unknown technique mentioned by Toujou