Ouka High vs Jourai High (Rookie Match)
Ouka vs Jourai


Rookie Match


Ouka High Kendo Club
Jourai High Kendo Club



Final Points

3-2 (ongoing)

Ouka High

Aoharu Ebana
Shidou Hazakura
Hiroto Kurogane

Jourai High

Otonashi Kanade
Ooki Subaru

This is a match between the Ouka High Kendo Club and the Jourai High Kendo Club for the First Years Kendo Meet.



  • Aoharu Ebana vs Otonashi Kanade (1-1)

Main BodyEdit

  • Shidou Hazakura vs. Banda (2-0)

Banda, seeing that Otonashi lost, aimed to get a draw against Shidou. He tried circling to Shidou's right side to get into his blind spot, since he was fighting single handed. He went on to use a 3 point guard and started faking his attacks. Shidou asked him if he was happy with something like that, to which Banda claimed that he is very happy and insults Kendo by calling it a easy game only for just feeling good. He ends up inciting Shidou's wrath by insulting Kendo and Shidou makes a superfast swing, which blows away Banda's shinai. Shidou's next attack is at tsuki and it defeats Banda in one hit, making it 2-0 win for Shidou.


  • Hiroto Kurogane vs Ooki Subaru Ongoing