Ouka High vs Hakurei High (Practice)
Ouka vs Hakurei


Practice Match


Ouka High Kendo Club
Hakurei High Kendo Club


Hakurei High (3-2)

Final Points


Ouka High

Kamiya Tsurugi
Shidou Hazakura
Hiroto Kurogane

Hakurei High

Oogami Sora
Mayumi Udou

Ouka High vs Hakurei High is the practice match held at Hakurei High. It is the 1st match of practice tournament between Ouka High, Hakurei High and Rakuyou High.



  • Yoroizaka vs Kakei (2-0)

Yoroizaka was not happy with scared look on Kakei's face and decided to win by making him do foul plays. He used his strong body blows to push Kakei outside the line twice, thus making him do 2 foul plays and got 1 point. Later on seeing Kakei's determination, he gained respect for him and used an attack on head to score a point. Thus match ended 2-0.

Secondary GuardEdit

  • Douji vs Yuri (2-0)

Douji saw Yuri nervous and told him to enjoy the game. He surprised Yuri with his speed and used Tornado Whirlwind attack. Yuri got back and somehow evaded it. Douji then used his speed and snuck behind Yuri and told him to turn around. He hit him on the head and scored 1 point. Second point is not shown but Yuri eventually loses 2-0.

Main BodyEdit

  • Oogami vs Kamiya (0-2)

Oogami started attacking first and attacked continously from all directions. Though unable to see the attacks, Kamiya defended against the attacks and used a body blow to throw Oogami off track. He used Joudan no kamei stance and attack Oogami's head. Oogami tried to defend against it but his shinai got destroyed and Kamiya scored a point with hit on his head. Oogami lost consiousness and got injured. The Hakurei's coach forfeit the match and Kamiya won 2-0.

Vice GeneralEdit

  • Mayumi vs Shidou (1-2)

Shidou used only his right hand due to injury on the left arm. He attacked the Men of Udou but changed his on the grip of shinai attack the dou, getting 1 point. Then Mayumi attacked and hit on Shidou's head gaining 1 point. He later uses a body blow for attacking Shidou's injured left arm, making Shidou fall down. He tries to hit a horizontal slash but Shidou puts his left arm in the way blocking the attack and then claims the second point. Shidou thus wins the match 2-1.


  • Yodaka vs Kurogane (2-0)

As soon as the match started, Yodaka attacked the tsuki and got 1 point. Kurogane took the stance of Samidare, making Yodaka realize who he is. Yodaka claimed that he has seen the technique and attacks. Kurogane attacked with Samidare, but Yodaka moved at the last movement to avoid strike. Kurogane also moved at the last movement and used bending strike, Samidare Mayutsuki. Both practitioners hit simultaneously but Kurogane fell down due to his low physical strength, giving Yodaka the 2-0 victory.