Ooki Subaru
Gender Male
Professional Status
School Jourai High School
Team Jourai High Kendo Club
Weapons Shinai
Manga Debut Chapter 24

Ooki Subaru is a student of Jourai High School and the freshman ace for Jourai High Kendo Club.


Subaru has light colured hair slicked to right side. He usually maintains a serious expression.


Subaru has a sincere personality and has respect for his opponents. He also apologizes for his teammate, Banda's rudeness during the match with Shidou. During a match, he fights according to his style and doesn't care about what the spectators say, calling their taunts as cheers.


Young Ooki
Subaru was very tall when he joined the Kendo Club and everyone was surprised. He used to practice a lot daily and injured his foot because of it. This made it impossible for him to move while fighting and he decided to use Counter style kendo. He was called Oaf by everyone and the coach refused to accept his style. Then he was asked to join Jourai and become their ace, which led for him to join Jourai High Kendo Club.



Ooki is a counter specialist kendoist. He is a highly skilled kendoist and became the Ace of Jourai High Kendo Club in the first year.

Counter Specialist: Ooki was a good swordsman until excessive practice damaged his foot and he became unable to move at fast speeds. He developed a counter style swordsmanship in order to win without moving too much. He has developed a lot of patience and waits for opponent to attack.


Hiroto Kurogane: Subaru developed a respect for Hiroto after he saw his match against Yodaka. He commends Kurogane's counter attacking ability but claims that he has better counter abilities.


-His apperance is similar to that of Izuru Kira from Tite Kubo's manga Bleach