Mayumi Udou
Character Information
Kanji ウド真弓
Personal Information
Gender Male
Age 17
Professional Information
School Hakurei High School
Team Hakurei High Kendo Club
Status Active
Weapons Shinai
Debut Chapter 9

Mayumi Udou is a student of the Hakurei High School and a member of the Hakurei High Kendo Club.



Udou has a serious personality and doesn't like it when Yodaka and others are fooling around. He doesn't even likes to be called by his first name. As a Vice General, he usually heads the team meetings because their General doesn't like stuff like meetings and goals. Udou has a must win attitude and will do anything in order to get the result, even attacking opponent's injuries which most kendo practitioners will not do.

Plot OverviewEdit

Practice Match ArcEdit

Udou is leading the meeting of the Hakurei regulars, asking for Yodaka.

Techniques & AbilitiesEdit

As a regular of Hakurei and further as a Vice General, Udou can be said to have notable skills.