Kendo is a sport which was developed from actual swordfighting.


According to Sayuri, Kendo is similar to Genkikan from 150 years ago.

Dress Code and WeaponryEdit

There is a particular dress style while practicing kendo. There is a protective armor worn by kendoists while fighting in matches but initial practice can be done while weaing a hakama. The parts of armor are:

  • Men - Head protection or a helmet
  • Dou - A chest guard
  • Kote - hand guard or gloves

Kendokas mostly use a bamboo sword called Shinai. They can even use a wooden sword called bokuto.

Match RulesEdit

There are many rules and regulations in Kendo.

Point SystemEdit

The matches are usually 2 points ones and the player to score 2 points first wins. There are different ways to score points during the match.

  • men-ari
  • tsuki
  • dou-ari
  • kote-ari

Team RulesEdit

There are teams formed for kendo matches. With 5 players each placed at a position based on their strength and skill.