Character Information
Personal Information
Gender Female
Professional Information
School Rakuyou High School
Team Rakuyou High Kendo Club
Status Active
Debut Chapter 12
The Pre-Game Battle

Kaede is a member of Rakuyou High Kendo Club. She is usually seen holding a notebook.


Kaede is seen wearing her casual clothing which includes a top and a skirt. She has dark coloured hair and two long pigtails.


Unlike her teammates, who like to boast around and pass insults, Kaede is relatively quiet and can get easily embarrassed. She is usually seen doing stuff of a manager and can be assumed she is one.

Plot OverviewEdit

Practice Match ArcEdit

Kaede was first seen with other 3 members of Rakuyou High Kendo Club. She is seen to be quiet for most the time. Later when the match between Oka and Hakurei started, she meet Sayuri where she was standing. Sayuri was hiding from Yodaka and told Kaede that she was playing hide and seek, asking her to let her hide. She was easily embarrased when Sayuri told her that she was defenseless for a kendoist, pointing at her panties. Kaede let her hide there and was getting her video camera ready for recording but was stopped by Mujin, saying there was a large difference in the strengths of 2 teams and that it would be useless to record something like that. She is surprised when Mujin asks her to record Kamiya's match.

After all matches are over, she stayed behind to give everyone Mujin's message about the strengths of Ouka High Kendo Club and Hakurei High Kendo Club.

Techniques & AbilitiesEdit