Hakurei High Kendo Club
School Hakurei High School
Members Taizan Yodaka
Mayumi Udou
Oogami Sora
Gou Yoroizaka
Coach/es Hakurei's Coach

The Hakurei High Kendo Club is one of the strongest in Japan. Their general is Yodaka, the strongest kendo practitioner in Japan for the last 2 years. They have a total of 108 members in the club. In order to become a regular, a member has to engage and attain the final victory in an 18 hour non-stop single elimination tournament with those below junior varsity. Without taking a rest, Oogami Sora was the first shock since Yodaka to defeat the current club's 104 members including ex-regulars.

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Rookie's MatchesEdit

  • Vs Jourai High: Lost