Gou Yoroizaka
Character Information
Kanji 鎧坂に行く
Personal Information
Gender Male
Professional Information
School Hakurei High School
Team Hakurei High Kendo Club
Status Active
Weapons Shinai
Debut Chapter 9

Gou Yoroizaka is a regular of Hakurei High Kendo club. He holds the position of Vanguard.


Yoroizaka is tall, as compared to an average kendo practitioner and has a huge muscular build.


Yororizaka is usually seen with Douji and has a habit of giving points to whatever happens. He was first seen giving points to Douji's attacks and later on to Kakei's facial expressions. He respects those who don't give up and fight even in troublesome situations.

Plot OverviewEdit

Practice Match ArcEdit

Yoroizaka was first seen at the meeting of the Hakurei regulars. He was giving points to Douji's comedic attacks. All members were waiting for Yodaka, but he doesnt show up.

Before the practice match he was swinging five of

Yoroizaka delivering Men-Ari to Kakei

Yodaka's shinai single-handedly. Since he is the Vanguard for his team, he went first and his match was against Kakei. He gives Kakei's nervous expression before the match zero points. Right when the match starts he delivers a body blow to Kakei that knocks him out of the court, giving Kakei one foul point. Kakei runs toward him to attack but he just pushes him away again with another body blow. Kakei gets 2 foul plays, which equals one point for Yoroizaka. He hears Hiroto tell Kakei to reverse left, so he starts to attack faster giving Kakei another foul point. When Kakei yells that even if he's weak, or even if he's definitely going to lose, he will still fight because that is the responsibility of the Vanguard, Yoroizaka sees that Kakei's expression changed and rates it at 100 points. He then delivers to Kakei a strike on the forehead as a sign of respect. He gets a Men-Ari of a Head Point and thus wins the match. He later asks Douji about who it was that yelled reverse and left. Douji tells him that it was the four-eyed General. He thinks its impossible for for him to notice that.

Techniques & AbilitiesEdit

Yoroizaka is a regular from Hakurei, thus his abilities can be said to be good. He is a power based swordsman and is strong enough to swing 5 shinai at once, as if they were one. He was a sumo practitioner before starting kendo, thus his raw power is very high. It was also mentioned in the Sports Magzine that Yoroizaka and Douji have improved their skills and have reached close to the National level fighters.

Special SkillsEdit

  • Raw Strength - Yoroizaka was a sumo practitioner before and has a lot of strength as compared to normal kendoist. He mostly relies on body blows to push the opponent out of the fighting area.