Character Information
Kanji 童子
Personal Information
Gender Male
Professional Information
School Hakurei High School
Team Hakurei High Kendo Club
Weapons Shinai
Debut Chapter 9

Douji attends Hakurei High School. He is a member of the Hakurei High Kendo Club.


Douji has a short height and a feminine appearance. His height is considered way shorter than that of an average kendo practitioner. He has long hair and one of his eyes is constantly covered.


Douji has a fun loving personality and likes to make new comedy attacks for fighting like the Tornado Whirlwind Sword. He is also seen constantly playing around along with Yodaka and Yoroizaka.

Plot OverviewEdit

Practice Match ArcEdit

Douji was first seen at the meeting of the Hakurei regulars. He was seen

Douji using his speed against Yuri

developing new comedic attacks. All members were waiting for Yodaka but Douji told them that he doubts Yodaka will come because meetings and goals are not his kind of stuff.

Later he is seen with other regulars going for the match. While going for match also, he constantly kept showing Yodaka and Yoroizaka his funny attacks, angering Mayumi. He was next seen when Yoroizaka asked him that who was the one to tell Kakei to do reverse and go left. Douji told him that it was the four eyed General, Kurogane. During the match, Douji was paired up to fight against Yuri in the second match of the practice match. On seeing Yuri's tense face, he tells Yuri to enjoy the match and then attacks using the Tornado Whirlwind Sword on Yuri, showing no seriousness at all. When he didn't make a hit with the move, he realized that he needed to be serious in order to win. He used his speed surprise Yuri and then sneak up behind him. He called him and got a Men-Ari when Yuri turned back. Next he apparently got a two point hit, as Yuri was upset about another 2 point loss.

Techniques & AbilitiesEdit

Douji is a speed based fighter and has nearly blinding speed. He uses comedy moves while fighting and is also
The tornado whirlwind sword

Tornado Whirlwind Sword

able to dodge attacks mid way while attacking.

Special SkillsEdit

  • Super Speed: Douji has small size for a kendo practitioner and thus uses his speed to attack the opponent all of a sudden or attacking them from their blind spot.


  • Tornado Whirlwind: He spins like a whirlwind to attack his opponent.