• Eldatto

    Hey everyone,

    ElDatto here, I'm the mod over at the Kurogane subreddit on We're still growing slowly each day, but I thought I should let everyone here know about us as I'm sure as this series grows in popularity (which it certainly will) we will be able to team up and share knowledge between our two groups.

    So if you're on reddit, or if you've never heard of it before, please come come check us out and subscribe to the community!

    Thanks in advance


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  • Sgegx1


    November 24, 2011 by Sgegx1

    Hey I'm Sgegx1, I think it's awesome you guys created a wiki for kurogane which is one of my new favourite mangas and what i hope will some day be a major manga in WSJ. I hope I can assist in any way possible. I don't have much experience in wikis but I've started wikis like Star Driver Wiki, Rebirth the Lunatic Taker Wiki and the first HOTD Wiki before they changed so I hope I'm of some assistance.

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