Bashou Haizaki
Character Information
Kanji 芭蕉は、です。伊崎
Personal Information
Gender Male
Age 16
Professional Information
School Rakuyou High School
Team Rakuyou High Kendo Club
Status Active
Weapons Shinai
Debut Chapter 12
The Pre-Game Battle

Bashou Haizaki is a 2nd year regular for Rakuyou High School. He was present for the practice matches along with 2 other fighters.


Bashou has long hair till his shoulders and is always sucking a lollipop. He also has sharp teeth.


Bashou has a very sasdistic personality and loves to pass insults at others. He gets bored if no one replies or ignores him. He also got violent very easily when insulted by Kurogane.

Plot OverviewEdit

Practice Match ArcEdit

Bashou was first seen with 3 other Rakuyou High Kendo Club members. When the members decided to choose the order of the battle, he used his lollipop and was thus demoted to the rank of Vanguard. He later stated that there is no way Rakuyou will allow all their regulars to have a come to a practice match, unlike Hakurei. He first insulted Hakurei and later went on to insult Ouka but was stopped by Kurogane, who told him that it was a shame that likes of Bashou were actually strong. Bashou got violent and tried to scare Kurogane by attacking him. But Kurogane didn't move knowing that Bashou had no intent of attacking. Bashou claimed that he couldn't even see the attack and left saying that he will let him go since he was so pathetic. He suddenly realised his lollipop was missing. When he looked back, Shidou had it and told him that since he was so pathetic, he would return the lollipop. Before Bashou could attack any further, Mujin stopped him.

Techniques & AbilitiesEdit

Bashou is strong enough to be a regular for Rakuyou High, the strongest school. He can be considered as a national level fighter because all regulars of Rakuyou are at par with national level. But compared to Shidou, his speed can be said to be slower or it was his overconfidence as Shidou Hazakura was able to take Bashou's lollipop without the later realising it.